Pumpkin Seeds for Hair Growth!

Healthy hair can be an essential part to feeling good for many women and a sign of youth and vitality for men. When men and women begin to lose their hair, this can become a source of insecurity. In addition to products like Rogaine or other prescription medications, there are …

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How To Use Castor Oil For Hair Growth

Castor oil is made from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant. Its most commonly used as a laxative. It breaks down in your gut to kick your bowels into motion. But castor oil’s natural antiviral and antimicrobial properties make it a popular treatment for skin problems known as dermatosis …

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Foods prevent early age hair whitening

Stress, poor eating habits, the nature of the antagonistic form, indifference and negligence, there are a lot lately and it is a problem in the early going gray. Before age 30 may have some gray. Many of these problems are not quite old enough to be the age. But this …

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