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Foods prevent early age hair whitening

Stress, poor eating habits, the nature of the antagonistic form, indifference and negligence, there are a lot lately and it is a problem in the early going gray. Before age 30 may have some gray. Many of these problems are not quite old enough to be the age. But this kind of problem you are able to prevent some of the satarkatai. And one of your diet. There are some foods which can prevent the early gray. Make a habit of eating these foods in some day. You will get an exemption from the problem of hair is gray at an early age.
shajghor_hair-whitening1. Fish
Omega-3 fatty acids in fish means. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are protected from an early age to gray. Selenium is essential for the production of hormones, which also includes the fish at an early age helps prevent hair is gray.

2. Greens vegetable
Dayateri plenty of green leafy vegetables and fiber antioxidant. Vitamin B is also the head of the green vegetables ensures skin wellness. This type of hair at an early age through regular yogurt meal can easily escape.

3. Chocolate
Although surprised to hear that chocolate is a food for hair is quite effective. Copper also helps the body produce melanin chocolate. Black is the color of the hair melanin. Chocolate plays regularly at an early age can get rid of hair is gray. But yes, of course you have to eat a sweet little or dark chocolate.

4. Almonds
Katha badam vitamin E and copper. These two factors are particularly important to hair care. Vitamin E phalikala strengthen hair and hair color Black Copper helps the body produce melanin. Put a little bit every day, but the habit of eating almonds.

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