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Habits for natural fairness skin

Make these practices in order to be fair by natural way. There are very few people in our country who do not want to be fair. We are a different kind of brightness for Fairness Cream. But the fairness of these Chemicals possible? Rehearsal with just bleach temporarily makes skin fair. The dark spots on the skin can be more. Then way?
shajghor_habits-for-natural-fairness-skinWe know that the human skin color is black  due to melanin. If the amount of melanin in the body, they are too dark, and those with less melanin in the body, they are relatively fair. To be fair, if we have to do something with this melanin. Let us assume that a few habits that can cause variations in our bodies and our fair can make melanin.

Eat foods rich in essential fatty acids: Our daily food habits that will build our body to make melanin reduction targets helpful. For this day, such as fatty acid-rich foods fees salmon, walnuts and flax seeds  eating habits. This fatty acid is necessary to protect the health of the skin, the skin blood flow is normal, and above all, control melanin.

Start the day with vitamin C: Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that naturally increases the brightness of the skin. Melaninakeo also helps to control a lot. So the day started with vitamin C and then coming back to see the brightness of your face and you’re going to be really fair.

Avoid Alcohol Avoid harsh sunshine: Alcohol is more harmful to the health of the national drink anyway. Moreover, it is helpful to increase the amount of melanin in the skin. So as much as possible to avoid alcoholic drinks and become lighter. Why should avoid the harsh sun, it has recognized.

Vitamin A or beta carotin free food: Colorful vegetables and beta-carotene, which has resulted in skin nourishing and quite beneficial for acne. Vitamin A and helps to restore the skin smoothness. These two elements helps to reduce skin melanin levels.

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